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The Fair Labor Standards Act requires companies to pay its employees the correct wages if they qualify for overtime pay. In some cases, employers misclassify its employees in an attempt to avoid overtime pay.

Contact an unpaid overtime lawyer today. All contact form submissions are confidential.

Even if you think you don't qualify for overtime pay or do not see your profession listed in our Do I qualify for Overtime Pay Section, The Rasansky Law Firm's experienced Unpaid Overtime Wage Recovery Lawyers will look at your case and determine if there is any potential wrong doing by your company.

Potential Class Action Lawsuits may arise against your company due to common employer mistakes that you can join to recovery money that you may be entitled to.

The Rasansky Law Firm handles unpaid overtime claims and class action lawsuits on the behalf of unpaid overtime and employment victims NATIONWIDE.

The amount of overtime wages that can be recovered are time sensitive. Contact The Rasansky Law Firm immediately. All consultations are free and confidential. Your employer will not know you have contacted us.


If you feel your employer is violating any part of the Fair Labor Standards Act in your state, contact us immediately by calling us at (877) 321-6159 Nationwide.

You can also contact us immediately by filling out our confidential Contact Form. The amount of overtime wages that can be recovered is time sensitive, so do not hesitate to contact The Rasansky Law Firm immediately.

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